Our thoughts on prevention:
Dentistry has been described as the only profession that continually tries to put itself out of business. From the womb to old age, there is no other ailment known that is as preventable as dental disease. Regular preventive visits to the dental office must always be a part of the plan!

We make prevention a priority in our office-not just because it makes us happy to save patients' teeth for a lifetime. It is because patients who have timely dental check-ups and follow our recommendations spend less money in the long run, and have more enjoyable visits!

Personalized Dentistry for our Patients
We try to identify the causes of dental problems for every patient, then recommend a means of prevention, as well as treatment. A patient with periodontal disease might require professional cleanings every 3 months, multivitamin supplements, smoking cessation and use of an electrical toothbrush. Preventive strategies for patients with widespread decay might include reduction of soda pop intake and daily use of home fluorides. A child with developing bite problems might need the preventive solution of an appliance to stop a lip or finger habit.

clean teethWe also find that patients most successful in prevention are those which undergo regular cleaning appointments in our practice over many years. Treating patients over time allows me to develop conclusions about their susceptibility to disease and what might happen to them. Switching dentists frequently is not conducive to prevention!

Do you know that the health of your teeth is highly related to your overall health? We have traced dental problems to poor nutrition, side effects of prescription drugs, smoking, breathing problems and even diabetes and liver malfunction! Truly, your mouth is a very dynamic and sensitive part of your body.

By the way, here is an interesting dental fact...
If you could just clean your teeth once in a day, when would be the most important time? It is at night, just before you go to bed. During sleep, the mouth often dries out, and people lose a lot of the protective effect of saliva. As a consequence, bacteria grow to many times the level present during the day. If you leave food residue on your teeth at night, cavities and gum disease are more likely to occur!

We look forward to guiding you to preventive strategies that will help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime. Please Contact Us and let Dr. Kim Henry and Team help you with a plan to keep your smile healthy.

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