Family Dentistry

children's dentistry Kids make some of our best patients! With cool shades, iTunes on the headphones, and a little laughing gas, who wouldn’t be happy?

We know that visiting the dentist regularly has to fit your entire family's schedule, and our practice is centered around providing "one stop" full-service care and convenient appointment times for you and your loved ones.

Over his 30+ years in practice, it has always been especially important to Dr. Henry to seek out advanced training and broaden his experience to enable him to fully meet the needs of patients of all ages.

Prevention is priority in our office. Regular check-ups and routine cleanings can go a long way in avoiding costly procedures down the road to correct dental problems that could have been addressed earlier and more conservatively.

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Children's Dentistry
Yes, we do treat children! They always have been especially enjoyable patients in our office. We have worked on children as young as two years of age. However, we feel that age four is the right time for most children to start regular dental visits.

Because of Dr. Henry's background in orthodontics, we can intercept many tooth alignment problems before they become complicated and expensive to treat. We feel those assessing children's facial grown, tooth eruption sequence, and the detection of cavities should be given equal attention during a child's dental visits.

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