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Our Code of Ethics

The preeminent concern of our office will always be your health. It will never be subordinated to the practice's financial well-being.

We promise to always properly sterilize all instruments used in treatment, and disinfect all areas touched during treatment, in order to make transmission of communicable diseases virtually impossible.

We will always have respect for patient wishes. However, no matter how much a patient pleads for it, we will never do any procedure that we know will be detrimental to long-term oral health.

Wherever possible, we will offer treatment options.

We will not let dental insurance be a factor in deciding what treatments are optimal for patients.

We will not allow non-insured patients to subsidize the treatment of insured patients by our joining PPO or DMO networks.

Your health information will always be confidential with us. We will store it securely and share it with no one except your dental insurance carrier without your permission. (However, we must always share minor children's clinical findings with their parents or legal guardians.)

The basis for our treatment modalities will always be sound, scientific research published in reputable peer-reviewed professional journals. Never will the internet, testimonials, and manufacturer propaganda form the basis for our treatment decisions.

Fees for our professional services will always be fairly based on the time, materials, and lab support necessary for the treatment.

We will support American labor by only using laboratories that employ lab technicians in the USA.

When supplies or services are needed, we will always endeavor to obtain them from amongst our patients first. After that, we will always try to give preference to businesses in our local community.

We will never stop learning new techniques to improve patient care. Professional education will be an unceasing labor for us.

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