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There are a lot of people responsible for ensuring a dental practice like ours serves its patients well. After our employees, dental laboratories are our most valuable partners in providing dental care. It is these wonderful guys and gals that really make us look good! We rely on them to fabricate a variety of dental devices. Independent labs operating under our precise specifications fabricate:

Quality fabrication by our laboratory partners is essential to providing quality treatment to our patients. We have used some labs for over twenty years! It's no secret that today's economy presents a challenge toward profitability in dentistry. In order to cut expenses, some dentists utilize labs which forward the work to countries with cheap labor. This sometimes presents problems. You might have heard news stories about alloy content in some partial denture frameworks fabricated overseas. Foreign lab technicians can't make special trips to our office to custom blend shades for porcelain crowns, like our American ones often do. Neither can they fabricate and deliver dental work on very short notice, as a favor to patients with special scheduling needs.

dental lab work made in usaThe American labs we utilize are quintessential family-run small businesses in which I have complete faith in. We are on a first-name basis with the owners of the labs we use. They pay their employees fair wages to support their families. We would NEVER jeopardize the livelihoods of American workers by giving our business to labs that are merely fronts to send the work overseas.

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