ortho cephalometric xray
Essential for Planning Orthodontics: A lateral cephalometric x-ray shows a side view of the skull, and permits us to measure position of bones and angles of teeth. Without it, orthodontics would be so much guesswork!


Since 1986, Dr. Henry has provided orthodontics care for both children and adults. Over the years, the ability to monitor his patients' home care, developmental growth, supportive jaw bone and gum health through ongoing check-ups has proved to be an opportunity to intercept orthodontic problems early.

Child Orthodontics and Dental Development
Early recognition of developmental dental issues with children can sometimes make preventive solutions possible that reduce or eliminate the need for full orthodontic treatment (braces) in later years. At each preventive visit, Dr. Henry will take necessary xrays and provide you with an assessment of your child's dental development and any recommended treatment.

Braces are for Grown-ups too!
Adults with tooth crowding not only benefit cosmetically from orthodontic therapy, making their teeth easier to clean can help prevent periodontal (gum) disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

Adults that have undergone orthodontic therapy often comment about their life-changing improvement in self-confidence because of their renewed pride in their smile!

Elizabeth Before Braces
We started Elizabeth's orthodontics at the tender age of 12. Due to the crowding we originally thought extraction of permanent teeth would be necessary, at least on the right side.
children's orthodontics
Elizabeth After Braces
At this young age, we were able to gain enough space without extracting teeth. Thanks to Elizabeth’s excellent cooperation, the case was completed in only 14 months.

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