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Our philosophy of practice can be summed up by the Golden Rule: treat our patients as we would hope to be treated as patients ourselves. Each of my valued patients is cared for as if they were one of my family members.

Teeth are a precious part of one's body. The teeth God gave us are superior to any that I may make you as replacements. It follows that anything so precious is worth saving. We feel very strongly about saving natural teeth whenever possible. That is the essence of our professional mission: to help patients maintain their natural teeth throughout their lifetime.

Dental treatment can sometimes be very complex. We always strive to find the simplest and most reliable solutions to dental problems. Most patients eventually realize that the most costly dental treatment is that which is rendered haphazardly, and has to be redone later. We like to do things right the first time!

Dr. Kim Henry

Kim Henry, DMD

Dr. Henry's childhood home was just 1 block south of our Hapeville dental office (and is now underneath an airport taxiway). With 40 years of clinical experience, and over 30 years' experience in orthodontics, Dr. Henry is capable of doing most treatment other dentists routinely refer to specialists.

For instance, we do virtually all root canals in office. Even difficult wisdom tooth extractions are usually done in-house. Dr. Henry has been doing orthodontics (braces) since 1986, and can usually address most cases that do not require surgery.

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Family Dentistry

We know that visiting the dentist regularly has to fit your entire family's schedule, and our practice is centered around providing "one stop" full-service care and convenient appointment times for you and your loved ones.

Over his 30+ years in practice, it has always been especially important to Dr. Henry to seek out advanced training and broaden his experience to enable him to fully meet the needs of patients of all ages.

Prevention is priority in our office. Regular check-ups and routine cleanings can go a long way in avoiding costly procedures down the road to correct dental problems that could have been addressed earlier and more conservatively.

Children's Dentistry

Yes, we do treat children! They always have been especially enjoyable patients in our office. We have worked on children as young as two years of age. However, we feel that age four is the right time for most children to start regular dental visits.

Because of Dr. Henry's background in orthodontics, we can intercept many tooth alignment problems before they become complicated and expensive to treat. We feel those assessing children's facial grown, tooth eruption sequence, and the detection of cavities should be given equal attention during a child's dental visits.


Since 1986, Dr. Henry has provided orthodontics care for both children and adults. Over the years, the ability to monitor his patients' home care, developmental growth, supportive jaw bone and gum health through ongoing check-ups has proved to be an opportunity to intercept orthodontic problems early.

Child Orthodontics and Dental Development

Early recognition of developmental dental issues with children can sometimes make preventive solutions possible that reduce or eliminate the need for full orthodontic treatment (braces) in later years. At each preventive visit, Dr. Henry will take necessary xrays and provide you with an assessment of your child's dental development and any recommended treatment.

Braces are for Grown-ups too!

Adults with tooth crowding not only benefit cosmetically from orthodontic therapy, making their teeth easier to clean can help prevent periodontal (gum) disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

Adults that have undergone orthodontic therapy often comment about their life-changing improvement in self-confidence because of their renewed pride in their smile!

A Conservative Approach to Cosmetic Dental Makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of solutions for smile appearance challenges. Whenever possible, we encourage our patients to seek esthetic improvements through minor treatments such as teeth whitening or direct plastic bonding. More invasive treatments such as porcelain crowns and veneers require removal of tooth structure that cannot be replaced, and thus deserve careful thought and planning.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Dr. Henry regards orthodontic treatment as a more permanent form of cosmetic improvement that can also optimize oral health. We have completed orthodontics for esthetic reasons for patients as old as sixty! Straightening teeth usually costs much less than a mouth full of crowns or veneers, which have to be replaced many times over a lifetime.

Cosmetic Veneers and Crowns

In extensive cases of decay, broken-down restorations or severe wear, cosmetic dental treatments such as porcelain veneers, all-porcelain crowns or bridges can be used to create an attractive result.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to serve as an artificial tooth "root" when a permanent tooth is lost. There are two phases of dental implant treatment; first is the surgical implantation of the titanium cylinder in the jaw bone. After several months of healing, the restorative phase takes place. This involves constructing a crown, bridge, or denture to use with the implant.

Dr. Henry has completed advanced training in the surgical placement of dental implants. In most routine cases, he places the dental implant and completes the restorative phase in our office. If there are extensive surgical needs, Dr. Henry may refer this phase to a dental specialist, such as an oral surgeon or periodontist.

Dental implants can be used to restore function to a bite that has deteriorated due to missing teeth. For replacing a single missing tooth, a dental implant and crown is often a more favorable treatment than a dental bridge, which involves drilling and structural reduction of supportive natural teeth that may be otherwise healthy.

If you are missing teeth, or have a loose, unstable denture, you may be a candidate for dental implants.

We are located behind the Family First Credit Union, and directly across from Concentra Medical Center and Bell Hartsfield Apartments.